For The One Who Has Everything

At this time of year people send and receive presents. Some trace that back to when the magi brought gifts to the baby Jesus. So, what would a person offer that same infant today?

Centuries ago a man named Cornelius was approached by an angel. Though understandably frightened at first, he was comforted when the messenger relayed the purpose of the visit. “Your acts of charity have come up as an offering before God,” the spirit said.

Gift cards and gadgets are great. I enjoy them myself. But expressions of love—both abstract and practical—seem to be what’s on the Almighty’s wish list.

The God who already owns everything doesn’t need more gold, frankincense or myrrh. Acts of charity to those he’s placed in our paths are apparently more his thing.

Happy holidays.

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  1. Mark A. Hall says:


    The greatest commandment and gift that God has given is that of love. Like baseball you can’t stand on first (eros) base and win the game of life. Through adversity, experiences, knowledge and wisdom you progress to 2nd (phileo) base and 3rd (storge) based leads you to home (agape) base. The purest of love, accepting one unconditionally.

    To God be the glory always!

  2. Dave Jones says:

    Well expressed again, Steve. Blessed & meaningful Christmas 🎄🎶✨ to you & yours and a joyous New Year’s holiday 🎉

    1. nancy a ploof says:

      Hi Dave

      I assume you are the Dave Jones from Englewood FL. Nancy McGinn(now Nancy Ploof ) here. I have stayed in touch with Steve over the years. My best to you and your family.
      I am so proud of our Steve. From playing the guitar at EFC and Publix stock boy to this. Glorious!

  3. So simply but important! My dad and I were just talking today about how God does not want us to accomplish anything more than he wants us to just to have a relationship with Him and obey. What if I can’t “accomplish” things due to lack of opportunity, illness, etc.? Does this affect God’s love for me? No! He does not seek or need me to accomplish anything for Him. He seeks me.

  4. Kathy Werthman says:

    Thank you, Steve, for this reminder of what is important to God: giving generously to those in need.

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