Happy Old Year

The allure of shiny objects seems to be part of the human condition. We like stuff new. That even applies to points on the calendar. At a certain season in time, we share best wishes for the months ahead. And though I personally find it counter-productive, some people even take pleasure in bashing what they left behind, with a “Good riddance.”

In contrast, the wisest person who ever lived said this: “The end of a thing is better than its beginning.” Why would that be?

Beginnings, while often difficult, are exciting. There’s anticipation, suspense, and the hope of great things to come. As the days roll on, however, a sort of grind settles in. It’s tempting to give up.

Those who stay the course are eventually awarded with something gratifying: an accomplishment.

As one major date gives way to the next, I’m glad to convey hopes for wonderful futures. I also applaud every achievement of the past fifty-two weeks, including the miracle of you and me simply making it to wherever we are right now.

Happy Old Year.


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  1. Alan Williamson says:

    As much as I buy into the symbolic power of a New Year’s clean slate, I recognize that it’s the experiences of the past year – its successes, failures and lessons – that put me in a position to make this year more fulfilling and rewarding. Happy Old Year … and get ready for the thrilling sequel that builds on what came before.

  2. Raul Pertierra says:

    Extremely wise, concise and to the point. Only a person that has traveled long and wide in this journey we call life can come arrive at this wisdom.

  3. Very nice thoughts; you’re always so positive!

  4. Michel J Paller says:

    Hi Steve,
    It’s always a blessing hearing from you. More to the point, being reminded of how much your past influences on me during the Cana days has so positively and profoundly affected my life, even more than 30 years later. We’re talking decades, my friend, not just one year into another.
    Thank you. Love to you and the family. Michel

  5. Jeff Phillabaum says:

    I like the philosophy and comparison of old to new. I especially like the last sentence ” I also applaud every achievement of the past fifty-two weeks, including the miracle of you and me simply making it to wherever we are right now.”

    Have a good year

  6. John Primmer says:

    Good to hear from you! Hope everything went well for you both business wise and athletically.Really have not talked to you since New York. You mentioned yo were going to participate in a couple of tri’s..hope those went well.

  7. Steve Newman says:

    Thanks for the insight: I believe you have experienced what is called the “end-peak rule” or maybe it is the “peak and end rule,” I can’t remember which! Psychology class was a long time ago! It’s the realization that we do not remember the gratification of the entire job, year or the vacation as a whole. We think about the end or the highlights of the event!

  8. elizabeth McLaughlin says:

    Steadfastness and persistence – Makes us stronger, and, being stronger, we can help those less fortunate. Your messages are inspiring and are always a reminder to stay the course.

  9. Happy Old Year indeed Steve! We earn every second of the outcome we inherit and deserve to feel the pain and pleasure. I’m thankful for good health, faith and love that transitions from the old to the new.

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