Hi … I’m Steve Fales.

SHF - 07.12.13 - Blue BGHello. And thanks for being here.

My name is Steve Fales. I am an ordinary human being trying to make the best of this journey. My life is fairly simple – not boring by any means, but simple nonetheless. Here is the overview.

• A great family consisting of a wife and two grown daughters. We manage to love one another despite our imperfections.

Life coach, consultant and public speaker.

• Employed in senior management at a marketing / advertising agency that I founded quite some time ago.

• Avid distance runner and triathlete. And yes, this means that the alarm clock goes off most mornings around 4:30am.

• Chess player.   e4 SHF 13-3440 Collage

• Collector of people, including a handful of close friends who have likewise collected me.

I’ve been a student of life management, productivity, personal effectiveness, business, and biblical spiritual growth for over 35 years.  And I truly am driven by the desire to live to my full potential and help others do the same.  Writing, speaking, and practically every aspect of life provide the venues through which I do this.  Currently, I’m actively engaged in building what I hope will be a positive legacy that will benefit many.

That’s about it.  Feel free to contact me any time. – stevefales@gmail.com

Steve Fales




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  1. Nancy Moral says:

    Hi Steve,
    You have been and will always be one of the most important people in my and Bob’s lives. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You started us on a healthy path for our ministry and marriage many years ago. I refer to you, or something you’ve taught me several times a years for the past 30 years. So, your encouragement has even continued on through us to others.
    Love you always, and hope to see you again one day soon!

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