It’s A Miracle!

One of the most amazing experiences of my life took place right in my front yard. As I stepped outside the house one night, I couldn’t help but notice that there was water falling down from the sky.  Imagine! Water from the sky!  As it landed on my clothes, it made them wet.

“There’s nothing amazing about that,” someone might say. “It was only rain.”

Miracles occur all around us. Science or society researches the reasons behind them and assigns labels. Sadly, when named and explained we cease to see these as miracles.

Water from above is called rain, and therefore becomes so commonplace that it loses its miraculous significance. A deep breath and an extra few minutes of low-volume discussion diffuses a situation, turning a potential enemy into a friend. We call that “negotiation” and miss its transformational power. Sounds hitting our eardrums bring tears to our eyes. Is this just “music” or something more wondrous? Forgiveness, empathy, acceptance – even that elusive notion known as love – mere words, but descriptions of concepts inexplicable.

Never underestimate the miraculous in the everyday events of life. Bonafide, honest-to-goodness miracles are happening around us all the time. Some of them even fall from the sky.

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  1. Paul Litten says:

    Thanks Steve for reminding us of the miraculous all around us.

  2. Wes Spiker says:

    very enjoyable article and insight. We’re so focused on our daily tasks and think there are things that we can control that we are surprised with mother nature or other forces surprise us with their little gifts that we often take for granted.

  3. Roger Trca says:

    Thanks for sharing the thoughtful words and illustrations!

  4. David Jones says:

    Great thought & reminder!

  5. Alan Williamson says:

    Albert Einstein observed “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I’ve always favored the second approach, to the point where I’ve been known to swoon over a grilled cheese sandwich, celebrate a sweet old song appearing on my car radio, and savor the thought-provoking words of a favorite writer. Actually, that last scenario just happened a minute ago when I read “It’s A Miracle!” Thanks, Steve.

  6. Wayne Boyd says:

    Thanks Steve. I really enjoy these articles and the thought/insight behind them.

  7. Such a good reminder during this Christmas season. Thanks, Steve! – Kim

  8. Tonya Beck says:

    This was a perfect reminder to stay amazed at all that God has created. We truly live in miracles every day and they go unnoticed as just normal life.

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