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As of August 28, the top professional bowler in the PBA for 2015 was Jason Belmonte. Jason has competed in 15 events so far this year and earned $170,042 of prize money. His average score is 228.36.

On July 31, 2015, I went bowling with some coworkers. I barely averaged 100, and took home no cash rewards.

Why the discrepancy?

One thing I noticed while watching the few pins on my lane fall that night, is how little changes make a huge difference. Time and again, I missed the pocket by just a few inches. (Yes, I did throw some gutter balls also.) Instead of a strike, I’d get six or seven – and many times I got nine and then couldn’t pick up the spare.

Knock down nine pins each frame and you get a 90. Get that last one on a regular basis, and you can average 228.36 and make a living bowling. Of course Jason probably has a coach, reads about his craft, works on strengthening specific muscles, and spends a lot of time practicing.

It’s not hard to see how this relates to business and life. Little improvements have huge positive ramifications. The outside perspective of a friend or mentor is a big help. Life-long learning and repeating the methods that work are a must.

Jason Belmonte’s shots aren’t THAT much better than yours or mine. I’ll bet he’s rarely half a foot closer to the perfect spot than we are. That small distance separates us greatly, but that’s OK. We can roll strikes in our own corners of the world – on the job, with our friends, in our families, and more. That’s probably more up our alley anyway.

In what area of life will you progress this week? What about between now and the end of the year? Or over the next three to five years?

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  1. I loved this, Steve! I’m a horrible bowler, but am always aware that I missed it by “that much”. I definitely agree that “that much” can be significant in all our endeavors.

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