Perfectly Imperfect

We’ve all heard the saying “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing perfectly.” But how about this: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing imperfectly – at first.”

Many times we get bogged down, even sort of paralyzed by the desire for perfection. We stare at the computer screen trying to come up with brilliance; we gaze into the air waiting for the right idea. In those cases, often the best course of action is to simply make SOME move in the right direction. Do SOMEthing … and then refine it later.

There are also situations when we spend far too much time getting one small part of a project just so. The list of tasks on our plate continues getting longer, but we neglect those and tweak the current project over and over even though it’s just fine as is. When we are at last ready to declare completion, we feel empty, as if the extra efforts weren’t really worth it (which they may not have been), and now we’re backed up and overwhelmed besides.

I wish I had time to make this article the most well-written one ever. I don’t. Perhaps one day I’ll come back and edit it, but not now. I felt, however, that this concept was worth sharing … so it was worth sharing imperfectly.


The above is used by permission from the book Three Years Of Tuesday Mornings: 156 e-mails about business and life by Steve Fales.

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