Productivity And The Leather Factory

Businesses and individuals place great emphasis on producing a large volume of output. But just being able to produce does not equal success. More important than how much we turn out is what we turn out.

A certain woman owned a leather factory. She went to the company’s general manager and said, “I’m going on a journey to make sales of ladies’ handbags. During the time I’m gone I want you to get this factory producing them, because when I return I’ll have orders to fulfill.”

With that the owner left on her journey. Sure enough she was successful in her sales efforts and came back with a briefcase packed with orders for ladies’ handbags. Upon her return, the manager greeted her and said “I’m so excited, I have some great news. While you were gone, I devised a way to be extremely productive in the manufacture of men’s wallets. As a result, I’ve got a whole warehouse filled with men’s wallets for you.”

How do you think that worked out? The manager was very productive, but the factory couldn’t ship the orders that the owner brought back. They couldn’t meet the needs of their customers. Great volume and output. No fulfillment.

It’s critically important to see beyond just the amount that can be produced. Meeting specific needs with our efforts is the critical element. And that goes for business and our personal lives as well.

What – not just how much – will you accomplish with your life?


The above is used by permission from the book Three Years Of Tuesday Mornings: 156 e-mails about business and life by Steve Fales.

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