Thanks For Nothing

It’s that time of year when people ask “What are you thankful for?” As for me, I’m thankful for nothing.

A lot of things didn’t happen in my life this week. I didn’t get in an accident, break any bones, or receive a troubling diagnosis. I didn’t fight with my wife, damage friendships, lay awake worrying (too much), or even misplace my car keys. In many respects, it was a nothing week.

In this life, which is often filled with trials and disappointments, nothing can be a very welcomed change of pace and a true divine gift. So today, my sentiments are simple … Thanks for nothing.



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  1. Gregg Goldstein says:

    This is a great post, Steve. It goes along with one of my favorite quotes, “No news is good news.” For the many weeks that there are ups and downs, I’m thankful for those weeks when there is nothing significant.

  2. That was brilliant and funny too … and so true.

  3. Ryan O'Donnell says:

    I love it! Great post, Steve.

  4. Flavia Santos says:

    Enjoying and appreciating the simple things in life.
    Very clever, Steve!

  5. Certainly makes you think! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Alan Williamson says:

    Wow … “Thanks For Nothing” really gets at the very essence of gratitude. It made me think: I am thankful for the uneventful day or week when I emerge still in the game, still in good health, still filled with possibilities for growth and positive impact in the world.

  7. Myra Weaver says:

    “Thanks for Nothing” – I’ll always remember this. It should be on t-shirts, bumper strips, posters. Let’s make some!

  8. Tonya Beck says:

    Great reminder that we can be thankful when nothing is happening.

  9. Shawn Vann says:

    Hilarious! I’ll admit I found myself wondering where’s he going with this… A very great point to remember.

  10. Gobble, gobble Steve to you and your family! I did NOT receive a ticket, have a flat tire or transmission problems driving home from Punta Gorda this morning! I’m thankful for nothing also! (Grin)

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