The Debate In The Boat

Sail boaters and power boaters have an ongoing friendly debate – which one is better? The story below illustrates that discussion and draws a good metaphor to life.

Some people were out on a sailboat – quiet and serene – when a power boat roared up alongside. “Where are you going?” the captain of the power boat shouted over. To which the sail boaters replied, “We’re already there.”

Like the power boater, humans are often concerned with getting to a destination – achieving some goal – and in the fastest way possible. At times, this is completely appropriate.

There are also seasons when the sailboat approach is the wiser choice. The journey itself is the objective. We learn to enjoy each moment, the presence of loved ones, daily blessings, and the experience at hand.

Power boat intensity, or the tranquility of sailing? A balanced life will include some of each. And on that, there’s no debate.

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  1. Alan Williamson says:

    There’s a boatload of wisdom here. The power boat approach makes life more exciting; the sailboat approach makes it more rewarding. Both are necessary for a full, rich life.

    My personal opinion is that too many people are forfeiting the pleasures of being in the moment by living frenetic, distracted lives that keep them in constant overdrive. But that’s their choice. As for me, I’ll be on my sailboat for long periods of time punctuated by power boat trips that energize by mind, body and spirit.

  2. nancy ploof says:

    Dorothy knew it.

  3. This is so good! I often struggle with trying to get somewhere and forgetting to enjoy the ride there.

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