The Pro Test

“Down with ______.” “People against ______.” “Stop the ______.” Finding words to fill in the blanks is easy. Just watch the news or check your social media feed. It’s as though being against something is the answer to the world’s troubles.      

Perhaps the focus should be on an alternate question instead: What are we FOR?

Is it more beneficial to expose and boycott companies that are driven by greed, or to patronize and promote those which operate with integrity and give back to the community? Badmouth narrow-mindedness, or embrace people of all types? Bemoan a lack of culture, or support the arts?

Some will argue that both sides of the coin are needed. (I’ll concede, even if I don’t fully agree.) Too often, however, only the negative position is shared. Let me suggest that at least equal attention be given to anything that might improve a situation.

It starts with a time of reflection as we imagine solutions, visualize changes for the better, identify entities that are doing it right. Next come constructive discussions, positive postings, and productive actions related to the issue at hand.

Finding the pro as opposed to only the con is a simple exercise that could have major beneficial effects. A pro test rather than a protest. (Or at least in addition to.) Surely we’re all for that.

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  1. Ryan O'Donnell says:

    The benefits of finding the pro can impact every area of life. Unfortunately, I think that many of us (myself included) have a natural tendency to look in the other direction first. Finding the pro requires intentional behavior. Great post!

  2. Joel Cohen says:

    Steve, great as usual. Love the Pro Test rather than a ‘protest.”

    But shouldn’t a pro-test really be a con-test?



  3. David Jones says:

    Nice Steve- ‘pro test’ ?? . . so natural to look for the negative or be con-trary!

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