Thinking Outside The Box

The volume of packages coming and going has certainly increased in the past few weeks. It’s that time of year. But not all presents come in a carton. 


Imagine the delight someone might feel upon receiving delivery of forgiveness. Or how about a generous portion of kind words? Acceptance, patience, an act of service, mercifully overlooking a fault – surely these are on everybody’s wish list. 


Although they can’t be touched physically, such gifts have enormous value. They may evoke deep emotions, heal painful suffering, maybe change a life forever. No wonder we hunger after them. 


Spreading the cheer of intangibles produces many benefits. And as an added bonus, no boxes are required.

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  1. nancy ploof says:

    As I grow older , I am very fond of my Amazon driver. No driving for us seniors in the snow and ice. We here in NH are once again in the midst of yet another ( no school) storm and it isn’t even 2020 yet. After today’s Amazon delivery , my holiday shopping is done.
    Better to keep us little old ladies off the roads and keep you speedy Porsche drivers happy.
    Today Amazon gets the gold.
    You , Mr. Fales, come in at second place with a silver metal.
    Oh, and you are appreciated by this reader. KOKO

  2. Eddy Semprun says:

    And of those intangibles, you’re always a very generous giver.
    Thank you for your valuable reminders of the things that we often overlook. Life is good!

  3. Terrific thoughts to share with us as we enter the Christmas season and begin to welcome a new year!
    These are my New Years resolutions for 2020! (I think I’ll start now instead! Thank you Steve!!!

  4. Patti Pascucci-Mengert Hanley says:

    No price tags on those gifts. Thanks Steve for your encouraging message from the heart!

  5. Alan Williamson says:

    Well said. May the warm feelings the holidays inspire translate into more acts of kindness, compassion and connection.

  6. Tonya Beck says:

    I couldn’t agree more … intangible gifts have the best impact. Kind of reminds me of the reason for the season … our savior came to redeem relationship by offering forgiveness to all.

  7. Steve,
    Well done!
    The best gifts indeed are intangible.
    The hug, the kind word, the thoughtfulness, the love, a knowing look, a heartfelt word of encouragement.
    Thanks for bringing this to the forefront and delivering those boxes of intangibles to all of us.


  8. Wanda Paisner says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your kind heart. All the best to you and your family. Looking forward to more Twenty Thousand Feet in 2020.


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